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Essence Ltd. is a start-up company from Sofia, Bulgaria.

We are a team of two, Andrey Glavchev and Kaloyan Zlatkov. We are passionate ex-gamers who want to express our own vision of gaming by crossing different game genres, innovation and commerce.

We are aimed at delivering high quality, cross-platform games. Currently we are delivering applications for the web (including social networks like Facebook and Vkontakte), desktops (Steam, Windows PC and Mac OSX) and mobile platforms (iOS and Android).

Our pilot project is called Battlegrounds of Eldhelm - a free to play collectible card game. It is heavily influenced by RPG games and borrows some mechanics and ideas. The result is a fascinating mixture of classic card collecting & duelling game with RPG elements.
It is available on the web for Europe at and for the US at You can also download it from Steam for both PC and Mac, Google Play and the App Store.

Currently we are working on a fast-paced, action/strategy/arcade game called Solar Coherence.

We are building our games on top of Our own back-end technology called The Eldhelm Platform, available as an open source project on Github. It is an application server developed in Perl 5.
The Edlhelm Platform also features various front-end and back-end frameworks and tools written in Perl, JavaScript, Action Script 3 and C++.


2015: Well, you might find this website a bit stub.
To be up to date with our work visit Battlegrounds of Eldhelm, Solar Coherence or The Eldhelm Platform websites.
2013.09: Check our success story on Junior Achievement's website.
2012.03: We are proud to talk about our own vision of the game development to a crowd of young entrepreneurs! Here are part 1 presented by Kaloyan Zlatkov and part 2 presented by Andrey Glavchev from our presentation at the etrepreneurship seminar in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
2011.11: Thanks to the guys at we have micro community now there.
2011.06: We attended Juniour Achievement's "Best student company 2011" contest in Bulgaria and placed second!
Check our flash presentation here and the news coverage here.